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Yvonne Gordon

Yvonne Gordon is the Director and Owner of Cedar Nursery, holding qualifications from both Jordanhill College of Education and the University of Stirling. With a Diploma in Youth & Community Education and a BA Degree in Education, along with a decade of experience in Strathclyde Regional Councilís Education Department, she brings a wealth of expertise to Cedar Nursery.

Following the attainment of the Diploma in Youth & Community Education from Jordanhill College, she spent ten years within Strathclyde Regional Council's Education Department where she honed her organisational and management skills. During this time she was responsible - among other things - for the operation of Castlemilk Community Centre and subsequently took on responsibility for the nearby Youth Centre. This period of her career allowed her to develop experience of delivering a high quality service to an often demanding client base. The Community Centre was recognised in 1992 when Yvonne hosted the Princess of Wales during a visit to Glasgow.

In 1995, Yvonne graduated with a B.A. degree in Educational Studies from The University of Stirling.

As the key driving force behind the setting up of Cedar Nursery, Yvonne brings not only educational skills and knowledge to the business, but her past connections and continuing close links to the local authority mean that she is constantly up to date with regulatory requirements and best practice.

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